Be careful what you post

Here is another suggestion for a class of students to discuss Digital Citizenship:
I work in a high school so my lessons are geared towards that age. The video below may not be appropriate for lower grades.

Start the class with this video from Ellen on Youtube. In this video, Ellen views her audience members Facebook pages and shows their pictures live on her show.

Discuss using some or all of these questions:

  • What is your reaction to this clip?
  • What do you think of Ellen’s decision to do this segment on her show? Is it okay? Why or why not?
  • At the end of the clip, Ellen shows embarrassing pictures of Megan. How would you feel if your parents saw/learned about something you did because of what someone else saw on Instagram/SnapChat? Does this seem like a realistic possibility?
  • Megan’s friend who is also in the picture did not choose to share it and did not even go to the show, yet her embarrassing photo was also shared publicly. How can we manage what pictures other share?



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