If you post something online and it goes WRONG!

Below is a mini lesson for talking to students about what they can do if they post something online that is offensive to someone or if someone posts something about them that they don’t like.

Read this story:

When Vin Snapchatted his friend an embarrassing picture of himself, he hadn’t expected that his friend would take a screenshot of the picture and upload it to Facebook. He didn’t want to seem uptight, but he was pretty embarrassed that the picture was posted for all to see. He texted his friend, “Not cool, man. Take it down.” His screen lit up: “hahahah.” Vin texted back, “Nah, I’m not playing, take it off.” His friend wrote back, “Whoa, chill out, I’m just playing,” but he didn’t take the picture down. Vin was about to go through recruiting for college sports teams, and though he knew the picture wouldn’t get him in trouble, it wasn’t exactly the image he wanted recruiters to see.


What is your immediate reaction to this situation?
How do you decide which pictures are OK to share on social media and which should stay offline?
Is it reasonable for Vin to be concerned about the recruiters?
What kinds of content do you think the recruiters would or would not want to see if they searched for Vin online?
What would you do if you were in this situation and your friend refused to take down the picture?

If you shared something you should not have online the first thing to do is ask the people you sent it to not to pass it on.

If someone else posted something you sent them, start by asking them to take it down.

Do not do anything while you’re mad: give yourself time to cool down and, if you can, talk to the person offline. If they refuse to take it down, don’t try to get back at them by sharing private things they sent you, harassing them or getting your friends to gang up on them.

If you’re tagged in a photo that you don’t like, remember that a lot of photo sharing and social networking sites may let you take your name off any pictures you’ve been tagged in. On Facebook, you can also select to review posts you are tagged in before they post to your timeline under your privacy settings: facebook.com/privacy.




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