Coming to an end

Hello, all my fellow bloggers! My semester is coming to an end and I wanted to post my thoughts. Here is my very first post: “Hello blog readers!  My name is Melanie Lee and I am a high school librarian, you read that right we are librarians again – just ask ALA. I am writing this blog to get information from those of you in the trenches, especially when it comes to dealing with the 1:1 initiative. My school of approximately 1900 9 – 12 graders will be 1:1 next year. I am both scared and excited.  I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so I am here to give information, get advice and maybe help someone else.”

I now need to reflect on my blog and what I have learned. First of all, writing a blog was a huge step for me. I have ZERO experience and it was a lot of fun! I met some really interesting people and gained some followers that I would not have met without this blog.

As far as learning about 1:1 implementation I gained knowledge about working with math classes and going paperless as a school. Both of these subjects I personally had to deal with this school year.

I also starting thinking ahead I wrote a few lesson plans on Digital Citizenship that I hope my school with use next year with our Advisory classes. I also came across some great posters that I plan on copying and placing in my Media Center about Digital Citizenship and “Thinking before you post”. Many of our school infractions happen because of something posted on social media. All students need to be taught how to use the devices they have, we can’t assume they already know how to use them!

Also this semester, I was lucky enough to go to the TCEA conference in Austin, Texas. What a wealth of information! Many of the things I learned there: Challenge boxes, Digital Citizenship ideas, and must try apps and extensions on Chromebooks I was able to bring back and share with my faculty.

Using this blog has forced me to ask questions about 1:1 implementation that I didn’t know existed. I want my school 1:1 implementation to be successful. I know I have a lot more to consider, but I am more knowledgeable that I was at the beginning of the semester. This has been a great learning tool and has made me a better Laptop Librarian!



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