Snapchat in the Library

I am a personal Snapchat user. I love the filters and sending to my friends, but I wonder…can I use it in my workplace…a high school library?

#1 reason to use Snapchat in the Library – Spontaneity! Give others a glimpse of the daily life in your space.  Take a pic of a student reading a book or a class looking for books for check out. When you have something exciting going on, take a snap and send it out.

Some other ideas:
1. doing quick book talks

2. sharing book covers from a certain genre or collection

3. A quick reminder to students about what’s happening

4. before and after pics or videos

5. Using those silly filters on books with faces

6. monthly library “story” update

7. Snapchat school events I attend (to show librarians DO things other than “librarian-ish” things)

8. Quick preview of new library resources

9. testimonials on the importance of libraries from teachers, admin, students

10. take a pic of a tweet you’re going to send to “smash” two social media apps together instead of typing it all over again

11. do a library mystery theater or “escape room” type of program

12. answering the age-old question, “What do librarians do all day??”


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