Another lesson plan on Digital Citizenship

Students will be assigned to groups of four and assigned one of four roles:
Students will be given a hypothetical student’s profile to evaluate for content that is:
Too revealing of privacy information

Distribute the profiles of hypothetical students and a list of questions. The students will work in their groups and evaluate the content of the profile sheets for information that they feel should be removed or changed. After the students have evaluated the content, conduct a full group discussion about the types of content and reputation that was created.

1. Would they want a trusted adult, employer, sports recruiter, or college admissions officer to see their digital footprints?

2. Have they posted anything that could hurt another person’s feelings or reputation?

3. Do they have music files or movies on their site?  Were they legally obtained? Do they portray you in a positive light?

4. Have they posted information that could help someone find them in real life?

Checklist for a creating a great online reputation: I have pictures that show I would be a good employee/student/team member/citizen. I have posted only nice comments. I have music and video that is not copyrighted on my site. I have included only my name and email address on my site. I participate in online discussions and Interest sites in a positive manner.

Go to this link for some examples of profiles to be evaluated.



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