Lessons from a decade old 1:1 district

River Dell Regional School District just celebrated their 10 year being completely 1:1. After 10 years they are looking to update/upgrade their program. Before doing any buying or updating, they formed a committee to make selections. First thing they did was make a list of items they needed their devices to perform:

  • capability to make videos
  • touchscreen
  • digital inking capability
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • collaboration capabilities
  • 24/7 access
  • able to submit assignments and teachers give feedback.

They decided on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the use of Microsoft’s OneNote Class Notebook. All classrooms also have wireless projectors.

The Director of Technology, Marianthe Williams, was asked to give some of the lessons they learned after a decade of 1:1 computing. Here is what she said:

  1. You can never have enough professional development.
  2. Involve your stakeholders.
  3. Celebrate successes.
  4. Leadership is important in creating an innovative culture.
  5. The devices and access are only the beginning.





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