Helping our teachers go 1:1

Teachers are overworked and underpaid. The statistics on teacher retention are mindblowing. A study by Alliance for Excellent Education reported that 40-50% of teachers will quit with their first 5 years of teaching. The main reasons for their leaving include lack of administrative support and feeling isolated.

By going 1:1 and in most places paperless, we are asking our teachers to change their entire way of teaching. How can we stop them from burning out early?

  • Our teachers need more time to work in similar groups. Not all teachers are on the same level when it comes to technology. Place those teachers together. Often we if see others learning and being successful with the same about of experience, we tend to gain confidence.
  • Have the motto that there are no bad ideas!  If we are all trying something new anything may work!
  • We must inspire creativity from all staff.
  • We must inspire collaboration from all staff!

What can I do as a Media Specialist to help my teachers?

  • I need to be involved in the brainstorming. I need to pass along ideas when I find them.
  • I need to attend any training our teachers attend to keep up with the changes.
  • I must encourage my teachers to be creative and collaborate with each other and with me!

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