Parents and technology

I just finished an article titled “Schools are using Social Networking to Involve Parents” found in EdWeek. As I am reading I am thrilled that our school and district are doing everything mentioned in this article: using Twitter and Facebook, using web portals for grades and attendance and schools having online newsletters. But, then I kept reading. The article’s point is that we are using technology to get information to our parents, however the parents are not able to get to the information. This may be due to lack of internet at home, no devices or simply they are not tech savvy enough to use the technology. I had not considered this point; Just because someone has a smartphone doesn’t mean they are technologically literate. We must educate our parents about the technology they have access to and what their children have access to. We will be sending home a chromebook near year with every student. Do the parents know how to use it? ¬†Can they help their child?

I think I just made more work for myself!



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