Paperless Music Classroom

While doing research for my math and science classrooms, I came across this article titled “The Paperless Music Classroom” by Robin Giebelhausen. Giebelhausen, Robin. “The Paperless Music Classroom.” General Music Today29.2 (2016): 45-49. ESBCOhost. Web. 22 Feb. 2017.

Honestly, I had not considered the Fine Arts classes having to also go paperless. Here are the highlights from this article. First, the teacher noticed she was using a lot of paper and wanted to fix this. Her school was already 1:1 so she had devices available. She still had to accrue some costs to get started, but not as much as the paper and toner would have cost her int eh long run. She does not promote Chromebooks for a music classroom. She preferred iPads of MacBooks due to the software she chose to use, Garageband. While using GarageBand she also made herself an online presence. She was able to disseminate information to her students through social media and her web pages. She suggested and Since cost is important, the author suggested getting grants to fund your technology for the classroom. The author does warn that a completely paperless Music classroom is not a reality. Going paperless must be done over time.


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