Chromebook management tips

When going 1:1, management is a HUGE concern. How will we manage 1900+ chromebooks? Here are a few tips I gathered from my sessions at the TCEA Conference last week. #TCEA17

Some classroom tips:

  • Label Chromebooks with an assigned number
  • Have students use the same Chromebook each time
  • Turn off Chromebooks before connecting them to chargers

Some simple troubleshooting:

  • Refresh your page
  • Restart the Chromebook
  • Make sure Chrome OS is up to date. video
  • Clear cache and cookies video
  • Delete unnecessary apps and extensions
  • Close unused tabs

Some Chrome Shortcuts:

  • Caps Lock = Alt + Magnifying Glass

  • Delete Key = Alt + Backspace

  • File Manager Quick Access = Alt + Shift + M

  • Quick Screenshot = Ctrl +

  • Only need some of the screen = Ctrl + Shift +

  • Bonus shortcut = Ctrl + Alt + Shift +




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